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Why the Deutz turbocharger always leaking oil?

Nov. 10, 2022

Oil leakage from both sides or one side of the Deutz turbocharger that is the most common faults in daily use. Theoretically speaking, the oil enters the intermediate body at normal pressure, after passing through the bearing working surface, the oil pressure has become zero, and it just flows down naturally to the oil pan of the engine by gravity. Moreover, under normal working conditions, there is a certain gas pressure at the wheel backs of the impellers at both ends of the Deutz turbocharger, so the oil will not flow from the low pressure area to the high pressure area. The main function of the sealing ring is to seal the leakage of the gas in the compressor and the turbine casing to the oil cavity of the intermediate body, and only under special circumstances can it play the role of sealing the oil. Even so, if used improperly, it can still cause oil leakage from both ends of the Deutz turbocharger under the following conditions:

1. Long-term idling of the engine

  When the engine runs at idle speed for a long time, a certain negative pressure will be generated at the wheel back of the BF6L413FW turbocharger turbine and the impeller, which will cause the oil in the intermediate body to leak out. As a result, prolonged idling of the engine should therefore be avoided.

2. bad performance oil return

In use, if the oil return line is deformed or blocked, the oil return is not smooth, the oil pressure in the intermediate body is too high, and the compressor oil flows along the axial ends of the rotor and squeezes out the sealing ring, causing oil leakage. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check whether the oil return line is unobstructed to ensure that the oil can flow back to the oil pan normally.

3. Engine crankshaft box pressure too high

If the exhaust gas pressure of the crankshaft exceeds the specified value, the pressure in the oil return line of the BF6L913 turbocharger will increase, and the oil return will not be smooth, resulting in oil leakage of the sealing ring. Always check the ventilation status of the crankshaft and whether the lower exhaust line is unobstructed. The engine should pay extra attention to whether the oil and gas separator is working properly to prevent the mixed gas in the crankshaft from being drawn into the compressor and cylinder along the exhaust pipe, causing the engine to burn oil.

4. Air filter clogged

After the engine is used for a long time, the air filter element will be blocked due to excessive dust accumulation, which will lead to too high negative pressure of the compressor intake, and oil leakage from the sealing ring caused by too high negative pressure at the wheel back of the impeller. Therefore, it is necessary to check and maintain the air filter regularly, so that the filter element is not blocked or punctured, and the normal air supply state is maintained

5. Worn or failed seal ring

If the oil is not replaced for a long time, too many impurities in the oil will act as abrasives, which will increase the wear and thinning of the sealing ring, and gradually lose the function of sealing air and oil, resulting in oil leakage. The so-called impurities refer to foreign particles larger than 0.02 mm in the oil. These impurity particles can randomly flow into the oil film of the bearing and the shaft and the sealing ring, which seriously grinds the rotating parts and aggravates the wear failure of the parts.Why the Deutz turbocharger always leaking oil?Why the Deutz turbocharger always leaking oil?

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