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Diesel Engine Can Not Start One

Jan. 06, 2024

Fault phenomenon Deutz diesel engine, close the power switch, start the diesel engine, diesel engine rotation is slow, weak, can not start.

Elimination process: (according to the above situation for the following troubleshooting steps)

1. Whether the battery is fully charged, and the power terminals have no poor contact, loose phenomena

2. Whether the fuel pump is damaged or jammed.

3. Rule out the diesel engine mechanical failure and blocking conditions.

4. Rule out whether the oil circuit is blocked.

5. Remove the starter motor inspection found that the gear teeth are missing, and the rotation speed is slow and unbalanced.

According to the above, replace the starter motor, and check the oil supply situation, remove the air, start the diesel engine, back to normal.

Failure analysis: because the operator starts the engine too many times and too long, so that the motor rotor bearing wear at both ends, and cause the internal lap short-circuit, resulting in a drop in voltage, the motor output is not enough to make the diesel engine can not start.

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