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The Basic Composition Of Marine Diesel Engine

Dec. 28, 2023

1、Hull assembly and crank linkage system

Marine diesel engine consists of various mechanical and power components. Among them, the engine body assembly system is the basic framework of marine diesel engine, which can guarantee the normal work of diesel engine on the ship.

The engine assembly system includes cylinder head, cylinder block, etc., which consists of several parts and is an organic whole of the whole engine system. In addition, the marine diesel engine crank connecting rod system is also an important part of the diesel engine and other power systems crank mechanism contains piston group, connecting rod group, crankshaft flywheel group and other components, its role is to convert the reverse movement of the piston into the rotation of the crankshaft, so as to ensure that the entire ship's operational safety.

2、Air intake and fuel supply system

Diesel engine air intake and exhaust system is the diesel engine respirator, can provide fresh air and oxygen for the diesel engine, to ensure that the diesel engine working condition. At the same time, the air intake and exhaust system also plays the role of smoke exhaust, can purify the internal working environment of the engine, so that the engine system components can operate normally.

Thus, it can be seen that the air intake and exhaust system is the diesel engine to realize the economic and efficient operation of the guarantee.

In addition, the fuel supply system, including high-pressure oil pumps, injectors and other parts, is an important part of the marine diesel engine.

The stability of the fuel supply system has an important impact on the overall performance of the diesel engine and the efficient operation of the ship. The main function of the system is to supply fuel to the tire ship diesel engine according to its specific load and inject suitable fuel into the engine cylinder to ensure the normal operation of the whole system.

3、Lubrication and cooling system

The lubrication system supplies lubricating oil continuously to the engine parts and system under a certain pressure, so as to improve the engine power and engine efficiency, reduce the friction and engine loss.

In addition, the cooling system is for marine diesel engine start to provide external power to ensure that the engine at a certain temperature to start safely and reliably, to avoid the internal temperature of the machine due to long-term operation caused by high temperature, resulting in loss of the situation.

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