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Diesel Engine Can Not Start Two

Jan. 12, 2024

Diesel engine can not start two

Failure phenomenon: start Deutz diesel engine, motor running normally, but the fuel line air can not be removed cleanly, so that the diesel engine can not start.

Elimination process: diesel oil circuit is diesel fuel from the tank suction, through the oil pipe, into the diesel oil filter, and then to the oil pump, and then to the fine filter, and finally into the monobloc pump oil chamber. First of all, check the oil pipeline and joints for rupture or air leakage, and then check whether the coarse filter and fine filter are clogged, whether the gasket is flat when replacing the filter, and whether there is any air leakage or oil leakage. Check the above no problem, check the diesel fuel pump, pressure limiting valve. Found that the oil transfer pump oil pressure is insufficient, replace the oil transfer pump, and remove the air, the diesel engine back to normal. (You can use the drip method to determine whether the low-pressure oil leakage or oil transfer pump and high-pressure oil line has a problem)

Failure Analysis:Through the disassembly of the oil transfer pump, found that the pressure limiting valve body valve seat bias grinding, resulting in reduced oil pressure, so that the diesel engine can not start.

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