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Recruitment of agents

Oct. 11, 2023

Do you want to have your own business? Do you want to have a job that is both profitable and stable? According to relevant reports, the economy has been in recession in recent years, and investment and consumption in many industries have declined. However, investment and consumption in the construction machinery industry continue to rise. Because construction machinery and engine equipment and spare parts are widely used in infrastructure, mining, agricultural irrigation, oil fields, generator sets, etc., these fields are the most basic consumer needs of various countries, so they are very little affected by the economic downturn.


Our company, Shijiazhuang Hovor Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., has been deeply involved in the engine and spare parts industry for nearly 30 years. It integrates R&D, production, sales, and after-sales service. Relying on China's strong manufacturing capabilities, it provides one-stop purchasing and services to global customers. .


Becoming our agent, you will have the following advantages:


1. As our agent, you will get a market-proven and widely recognized brand. We have a strong presence and reputation within the industry, which will provide you with a huge competitive advantage in doing business. At the same time, the market demand for our products or services continues to grow, which means you will face a market full of opportunities and potential.


2. We provide a diversified product line, covering engines and spare parts of different brands and models. Whether it is the B2B or B2C market, you can find products that suit your business direction and target customer groups. Moreover, during the sales process, you will enjoy generous profit margins, and through continuous efforts and accumulation, your income will continue to grow.


3. We know that the success of agents is inseparable from all-round support and training. Therefore, we provide professional training courses for agents, covering sales skills, product knowledge, marketing, etc. Whether you have relevant experience or not, we'll provide you with the guidance and resources you need to get started quickly and succeed.


4. After joining our agent team, you will have a flexible business model. You can formulate business strategies and plans that suit you according to your own situation and market demand. At the same time, we will also provide a series of support measures, such as marketing, logistics and distribution support, to help you achieve business growth and profitability.


5. As our agent, you will be granted exclusive business rights and have sales and promotion rights in a specific area. This means that you will be the only one authorized to sell our products or services in the region, without having to worry about competitor intrusion.


6. Product research and development and innovation: We continue to carry out product research and development and innovation to meet market demand and customer expectations. As an agent, you will have priority on the latest products and can participate in the process of product improvement and customization. This will help you provide more competitive products and services to meet the diverse needs of your customers.


7. Customer support and after-sales service: We value customer experience and are committed to providing high-quality customer support and after-sales service. As an agent, you will be supported by our professional team and receive comprehensive assistance in handling customer issues, resolving complaints and providing technical support. This will help build good customer relationships and ensure increased customer satisfaction.


By joining our agent recruitment program, you will receive a full range of business support and resources to help you achieve success in the entrepreneurship and franchise industry. Whether it is product training, marketing or after-sales service, we will work closely with you and pursue win-win development together. Let us join hands to realize our entrepreneurial dreams and share success!


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Recruitment of agents

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