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Reasons For Unstable Operating Speed Of Diesel Engine

Dec. 18, 2023

Diesel engine working speed is not stable, high and low. This situation will have a great impact on the diesel engine work play, should be timely troubleshooting is conducive to the use of equipment efficiency.                                                                                                       1, the fuel line into the air, resulting in oil supply is not smooth and unstable.

2, each cylinder oil supply unevenness exceeds the standard. Intended speed conditions, the unevenness of oil supply to each cylinder shall not exceed the prescribed range (generally 12%). Otherwise, idling diesel engine may be oil car. If necessary, should be adjusted in the oil pump test bench oil supply unevenness.

3, the cylinder injection pressure difference is too large, the quality of atomization is uneven, also makes the diesel engine speed instability. At this time, the injection pressure should be adjusted to improve the atomization quality, to ensure that the pressure deviation of each cylinder within the allowable range.

4, the governor flying hammer action is not flexible. Flying hammer tensioning inflexible governor sensitivity decline, so that the diesel engine speed can not be stabilized.                                                                                                                                      5, high-pressure oil pump governor transmission and connection parts wear. After the wear and tear of the interconnecting parts of the gap is too large, so that the fly hammer tensioning, closing action can not be transmitted to the oil control gear lever in a timely manner, increasing or decreasing the oil lag, resulting in the occurrence of oil car phenomenon.

6, improper idle speed adjustment. The lower the speed, the greater the unevenness of oil supply, so the rush is too low more likely to oil car. At this time, you can adjust the sharp speed limit screw, the intention of the speed of the appropriate high.

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