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Frequently occurring problems with diesel generators

Dec. 09, 2023

Diesel generator is a small power generation equipment, refers to diesel fuel and other fuels, diesel engine as the prime mover to drive the generator to generate power machinery. The whole set is generally composed of diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, starting and control battery, protection devices, emergency cabinet and other components. What problems will be encountered when the diesel generator machine work, now by for you to introduce.

If the machine is severe over-speed, overloaded driving, diesel engine will be in the load is too large, high speed working conditions, easy to cause rough work, cylinder liner, piston, connecting rod, etc. to bear the thermal load and mechanical

Rods and other thermal and mechanical loads increased, prone to cylinder pulling, burning tile and other failures.

Diesel generator set temperature is too high when the flow is added cooling water high-speed operation of the diesel engine assuming the flow of the rest of the operation, its huge inertia will make the crank linkage mechanism and the gas distribution mechanism of the parts are damaged, shorten the service life. For this reason, some diesel engines use the simulation clearly delineated, diesel engine idling time is not more than 15~20min.

Assuming the lack of water in the diesel engine overheating in the case of the flow of cooling water, will make the cylinder head, cylinder liner, cylinder block, etc. due to hot and cold drastic changes and cracks. In addition, the throttle when the piston, connecting rod and crankshaft acceptance force changes, causing violent impact, easy to damage the parts. At the same time, the throttle is too much fuel into the cylinder to burn completely along the cylinder wall flow down, dilute the lubricating oil.

At this time will be due to the lack of oil supply and cause the friction vice appearance of the lack of oil supply leads to abnormal wear or burns. Diesel engine running for a long time in the cooling water at lower temperatures, the piston and cylinder liner clearance, has occurred knocking phenomenon, and vibration, so that the cylinder liner flooding cavitation. Practice has confirmed that diesel engines are often used in the cooling water temperature of 40C ~ 50C, the wear and tear of its parts than the normal operating temperature (85C ~ 95C) under the operation is several times larger.

Diesel engine cold start, because the oil viscosity, poor mobility, is the lack of oil pump oil supply, the machine friction surface due to lack of oil lubrication, resulting in sharp wear and tear, and even the occurrence of cylinder pulling, burning and other failures. At this time, the water temperature is too low when the cylinder temperature is low diesel engine ignition lag period is extended, once the fire, the pressure rises rapidly, diesel fuel rough, easy to cause mechanical damage to parts.

Diesel engine work process, the cooling water temperature is too low, the cylinder wall temperature drops, the water vapour produced by combustion coalesces into water droplets, and exhaust gas contact with natural acidic substances, adhering to the cylinder wall.

Quality, attached to the cylinder wall, resulting in erosion and wear. Diesel engine flameout cooling system water recirculation rest, cooling capacity sharply reduced by the loss of heated parts of the cooling, easy to cause the cylinder head, cylinder liner, cylinder block and other parts of the overheating cracks, or over-expansion of the piston jammed in the cylinder liner. Diesel engine idling, low lubricant pressure, the top of the piston oil injection cooling effect is poor, resulting in a sharp increase in wear and tear easy to pull the cylinder; can also cause poor atomisation, incomplete combustion, carbon build-up is severe, and sometimes even lead to valve and piston ring jamming, cylinder liner cavitation. Therefore, the diesel engine temperature is too high should be unloaded first, a slight improvement in speed, to be the water temperature drops after the diesel engine off, in the water radiator cap to loosen, exclude water vapour.

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