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Diesel Engine Starter Motor Failure

Feb. 04, 2024

Fault phenomenon: 1. The motor does not rotate when starting, and the detection circuit is normal. If the circuit is short-circuited directly on the motor and the motor does not rotate, it can be determined that the motor is damaged.

2. When starting the diesel engine, you only hear the sound of motor running, but the diesel engine cannot start. Check that the power supply and all parts are normal, but turn the flywheel of the diesel engine in one direction before starting, and the diesel engine can start. It is possible that one or several teeth of the starter motor have been knocked out.

Failure analysis: 1. Damage to the starter motor caused by: ① burnt main contact and poor contact; ② burnt electromagnetic coil; ③ burnt carbon brush.

The causes of the failure are: ① Failure to release the start button quickly after starting, and holding the start button for a long time causes the starter motor to burn out; ② After the starter motor has been used for a long time, the main contact is in poor contact.

2. The reason why the starter motor gear is broken is that during continuous starts, there is no interval in between, and the motor is started a second time without completely stopping, resulting in the gears not being in place and the teeth being knocked out.

Troubleshooting methods: 1. Replace the motor. 2. Replace the motor gear.

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