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Diesel Engine Can Not Start Four

Jan. 26, 2024

Failure phenomenon:Turn on the power, turn the electric key, start the diesel engine. Feel the diesel engine motor action is normal. But the diesel engine can never catch fire to start, the exhaust pipe does not smoke!

Troubleshooting process: found that the parking solenoid valve power failure, no action. Tidy up the line, back to normal

Cause analysis: diesel motor action is normal, but can not fire, exhaust pipe and no smoke, which indicates that the diesel engine is basically no oil supply. Deutz diesel engine parking solenoid valve energized oil, power off oil. Because the parking solenoid valve is always in the state of power off and oil off, so it can not be started.

If it is in winter, it is possible that the diesel engine cannot be started because the diesel fuel is too high in grade and cannot be supplied with oil properly. Therefore, it should be checked whether there is wax precipitation of diesel fuel due to low temperature, which leads to clogging of the fuel system. In serious cases, it will lead to the damage of some parts of the fuel system. Therefore, the diesel fuel grade should be selected appropriately according to the local temperature.

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