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Protecting the engine's lungs - the air filter

Dec. 06, 2022

For the engine, dust is the main cause of early engine wear, the air filter is equivalent to the mask we wear in order to isolate the harmful substances in the air, to play a role in filtering out dust and sand in the air, to ensure that the cylinder into a sufficient amount of clean air.

Because the air filter can be used continuously for a long time without maintenance, the replacement cycle is also relatively long, many users of construction machinery in the use of the process is often easy to ignore the maintenance of it, sometimes in the clogging indicator alarm, only to think of it for cleaning or replacement. Among the many parts of construction machinery, the air filter may be an extremely insignificant part. However, the air filter for engineering machinery and equipment plays a vital role, it can directly affect the life of the engine important parts, but also the engine is one of the important reasons for failure.

A, regular maintenance of the air filter


Engineering machinery and equipment are used in municipal construction, mining and other high dust operating environment, the engine in the process of work to suck in a lot of air, if the air is not filtered, the dust suspended in the air is inhaled into the cylinder, it will accelerate the piston group and cylinder wear. Larger particles entering between the piston and the cylinder can even cause serious "cylinder pulling", especially in dry and sandy working conditions. The installation of air filters is the main means of solving this problem, air filters in the use of a period of time, due to the increase in the amount of dust attached to the filter element, will make the air intake resistance increased, the air intake reduced, so that the engine performance decline. Therefore, the air filter element must be regularly maintained and serviced. In general, the maintenance cycle of the air filter used in engineering machinery and equipment is: every 250 hours to clean the external filter element, every 6 times after cleaning or after 1 year to replace the internal and external air filter elements.

Second, clean the air filter

The specific steps for cleaning the air filter are: remove the end cover, remove the outer filter and clean the dust on it. When removing the dust on the paper air filter, apply a soft brush to brush the dust on the surface of the filter element along the direction of the folding seam and gently tap the end surface to make the dust fall off. It should be noted that: when removing dust, clean cotton cloth or rubber plugs should be used to block the two ends of the filter element to avoid dust falling into the interior of the filter element, and a better way is to blow outward from inside the filter element with a compressed air machine or a pump (the air pressure should not exceed 0.2-0.3MPA to prevent damaging the filter paper) to blow away the dust adhering to the exterior surface of the filter element. Dry air filters are not cleaned with water or diesel or petrol, otherwise the pores of the filter element are blocked and the air resistance is increased.

In the instruction manual of the air filter, although it is stipulated that the working hours are used as the data for maintenance or replacement. However, in practice the maintenance and replacement cycle of the air filter is also related to environmental factors. In practice, many owners are not flexible according to the environment and other factors, and even continue to use the external air filter as long as it is not broken, but know that the air filter will fail, and at this point, maintenance can no longer recover the losses caused. It is not worth much money to buy an air filter, but the damage to the engine will be more than worth it. When removing ash from the air filter, when the filter paper is found to be badly defaced, broken, or the upper and lower end surfaces of the filter are uneven or the rubber seal is aged and deformed and broken, it should be replaced with new parts.

Third, what is the harm of false air filter


As the air filter process is simple, the production cost is low, so it is extremely easy to be imitated, it is understood that the current air filter in the market is flooded with more than 80% of the fake goods, fake cartridge or made of cheap low-quality non-woven fabric, or made of low-quality or even counterfeit activated carbon, the cost is less than 10 yuan, this kind of cartridge not only can not play a good protective effect on the machine, and even some poor workmanship in the use of the process there is a drop Slag phenomenon, these dregs will directly enter the engine, causing damage to the engine.

Four, air filter identification methods


If you open the package with a pungent smell of recycled plastic, it must be a fake, but the genuine air filter does not have a pungent smell. The overall workmanship of the cartridge is not neat, the arrangement of the filter paper is not neat, there are obvious flaws, the material is thin, it can be concluded that it is a fake, the filter paper of the genuine cartridge has a high degree of regularity, the material is thicker, and the breathability is strong. Secondly, you can look at the packaging, see the code and check the serial number online to identify the authenticity. In addition to the above, there are also a number of air filters with a high degree of simulation on the market, and it is not appropriate to identify the true from the false, so it is recommended that users look for regular channels and trusted suppliers when purchasing air filters.

Protecting the engine's lungs - the air filter

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