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How can you make your diesel generator more economical and fuel efficient?

Jan. 06, 2023

This is despite the fact that the price of diesel has been falling recently, with diesel prices almost back to where they were five years ago. But every litre of diesel consumed by a diesel generator is money well spent. Therefore, our users also need to know some tips to save fuel when using diesel generators. The following caddies give an introduction to some diesel generator fuel saving tips.

     In the use of diesel generators, how to save fuel is related to the user's direct economic interests, here are three points to note.

1, the choice of quality assurance, brand-name diesel generator set is absolutely important.

Why choose the brand of diesel generator sets? Generator set as long as you can generate electricity is not it? Wrong, to diesel generators, for example, big brand quality assurance, the use of peace of mind, if there is a problem with the service to put people at ease, and Ito diesel generator technology is mature, far beyond the other brands. In the use of the way lower fuel consumption, more energy efficient. So it is important to choose the right brand of diesel generator set.

2, try to reduce the use of diesel generating sets

Can not run diesel generators do not run it, try to reduce the time and number of times to use it. Relative to the national grid, the price of diesel generators to generate electricity is much higher than the use of the national grid power supply, so try to reduce the use of it, but pay attention to when not in use to remember to maintain - common sense generator set maintenance.

3, do not greedy small cheap

This point will mainly be in is with diesel generators must pay attention to maintenance, when it comes to generator manufacturers tell us that we need to overhaul, in repair, do not think that now there is no failure is not required to carry out maintenance? This is a mistake, because of the wear and tear of diesel generators and other reasons, when it comes to the need for major repairs and repairs do not want to be cheap, to take the initiative to contact the generator manufacturers for maintenance, so that when used to reduce unnecessary diesel loss.

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