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Cheaper, But With Good Quality?

Jun. 26, 2020

It seems that "Good price with good quality" becomes less and less convincing. We often been told by customers that prices from other suppliers are lower than ours, and the quality of their products is also "good". I know there are products at this price in the market, and their installation and use may not be a problem. So, what are the differences between products at different prices?

I, Different materials

1, Different materials lead to different service life. Take air-cooled cylinder liner for example, the price of some manufacturers is only 70% of ours. To save cost, they adopt cylinder liner with unreasonable alloy ratio, which will lead to premature mirror wear and external wall corrosion, resulting in short service life of cylinder liner and even piston.

2, Inferior product still can easily be out of shape, inaccurate, and hard to assembly.

II, Different production techniques

Good products require good processing equipment & production lines. Only after strict quality inspection can the product leave the factory, which inevitably increases the product cost. Therefore, Lower price is often with unstable quality, what's worse, there is a big risk of problems! Customers who say the quality of the bargains is also "good" may not expect much of either. But have you ever thought that you might lose customers' trust because of a product with high profit with low price?

Some time ago, a client came to me and asked us to help him out. Because he purchased a sample from other supplier and it passed the sample test, then he made a bulk buying, but some of them appeared oil leakage and some of his customers put him on the blacklist! (In fact, we also sent samples to the customer at that time, but the customer chose the former because of the price.)

For this reason, we made a comparison between the products we sold and the products purchased by the customer. We found the leakage products purchased by customer not accurate enough. It seems to be an obvious material saving because the material of the product is thin with rough workmanship. The main reason for the oil leakage is that the installation error is large, the angle of the connecting pipe may need to be adjusted during the installation, and the welding process is not good, resulting in loose welding and oil leakage.

Although not each of these products have problems, but this manufacturer's pursuit of low-cost quality control is not done well, which lead to high probability of problem products. Therefore, we suggest that the customer negotiate with the supplier to return the goods, and recommend them to order from the appointed OEM factory, so as to minimize the losses and win back customer trust.

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